Cruise and Learn Seminars at Sea is proud to be a leader in today's world of specialized educational niche markets.  Focusing on learning and travel, one-of-a-kind experiences and excellence, we explore culture, language, literacy, traditions, and more.
WE offer distinguished minds a think tank and an intellectual playground for building, shifting, sharing and exploring individual and global paradigms that guide us to the best of who we are and what we can become as professionals.
WE honor the world in which we live; our past, our present, our heroic journeys, individual and collective sacrifices, challenges and breakthroughs, that bring us together as one to nurture our personal and professional aspirations as educational leaders and managers of virtue.

WE believe that we grow and change from the wealth of knowledge and experiences we attain from reaching out to others and the world around us as we sail.  Seeking and achieving renewal in mind, body and soul, we return from domestic and distant shores, lifted to higher levels of knowing being, prepared to give the best of ourselves in our work and in our daily lives.


We are dedicated to providing you with a positive vacation experience that will last you a life time.  We will work hard from day one to insure the only thing you have to worry about.... is what to wear.
Our mission and goals as a corporation are to support educators in their quest to lift students' thinking and understanding of the world in which we live by providing unique and innovative learning opportunities to those who teach and touch the lives of our children. 
In addition our purpose is to explore and return to academic communities throughout the nation, educators with expanded knowledge of the richness of our world and the vast resources we collectively share.

Each of us are concern about the information we share in todays market place.  The ability of those who would exploit and take advantage of people by stealing personal information is becoming more creative.  It has become more challenging for companies to secure any information they might receive from a client.  We at Cruise and Learn Seminars At Sea, LLC. are dedicated to you the "Client" in protecting the information you provide.
  •   We will not share the information you provide with any sources outside those that support your travel experience.
  •   All personal computer data will be kept on a separate computer not attached to the internet and accessed only by authorize members of Cruise and Learn Seminars At Sea, LLC.
  •    All personal computer data will be kept for two year after completion of the cruise.  If you travel with us within that two year period, then your data will be extended for two more years.
  •    All hard copy personal data will be kept for one year after completion of the cruise.  It will be destroyed at the completion of that year by either shredding, burning or both.

As we move forward as a company the above list will be expanded.  We value and protect our own personal information...We will value and protect yours as if it were our own.


Time has become more and more precious to most of us.  The ability to control how, when and where to spend it, work it and make it work for us remains a priority in today's world.  We take the work out of time and replace it with you, unreservedly replenished, focused and filled with excitement and well-being...simply put, we replace the ordinary with the with the unexpected--you shaping life and time on your terms.

To our friends and colleagues from all careers, professions, trades and those who are retired and seek to enjoy leisure time through cruising and learning; we welcome and thank you for sailing with us.  As a learning community that has chosen cruising as a vehicle to transport us to unique and diverse places throughout the world, we expand our gifts and knowledge as teachers and non-teachers.  We share and grow together, for we are one. 


      We are a small independent unique travel company that has only been in business for a number of years.  Like most small business we started around a table, with family and friends, eating and discussing how we could solve various world problems.  Since most of us were moving towards a mature age (old age sounds so like, well...old), the topic of what to do in retirement surfaced.  There were a number of opinions as to what to do, from running for President (NOT) to starting our own business, hello!  We have all spent most of our life working for someone so we thought it would be a pleasant change....WHOA! what a change.
We are constantly adjusting to changes, striving to make us better each time.  As we make changes our goal is to improve our company and make it better for each of our travelers.